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My First Collection of Very Short Poems

- -

// Revealing

The campfire dying

Good company

Revealing the stars

- -

// Ancient Sky

Lodges glowing with warmth

under an ancient sky

like a winter town with no snow

- -

// Mapped

Where is adventure

when all the world is mapped?

And the stars are so far away…

- -

// Brighter

Clear and moonless night

I wish the stars were brighter

or closer to my heart

Image by Tela Chhe,

verse 1.
I feel like a satellite
lookin’ for a place to fly
or lookin’ for a star to catch my eye

I feel like a broken match
ready to burn but hard to catch
looking for my other half in life

And I know that I’m made complete
and I have not a single need
but sometimes I can get a little low

That’s how I feel on this night
my restless heart is beating tight
waiting for my turn to spin around

‘Cause stars were made to shine (Yeah!)
Shadows were made to hide
from their maker

And I was made to love
and give my heart to one
If I could find her…

If I could find her…

verse 2.
And I know how this song will sound
but apologies won’t go around
I’ve held this in for one too many days

If patience is a work of art
then the Mona Lisa’s on my heart
But I’ll keep on trustin’, waiting for that day

When she comes walkin’ in that room
and illuminates my darkest gloom
Then I’ll give my God all of the praise

And as I wait I’ll wait on Him
and as He stays I’ll stay within
‘Cause I know good things come to those who wait

She must be somethin’ great…

Image by Martin Johnson Heade [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

- -

O’ I’d give my heart and soul

to find a fight worth fighting

I’d weary my hands by pressing on

Not onward pressing, idly

- -

To taste the salt amidst the sea

and traverse cities never seen,

to walk where ancients past have gone

singing ancient marching songs

- -

“On to battle—victory!”

I long to hear them scream to me

A fight most fit for fighting,

Amidst the salty sea

- -

Now my blade is drawn and heart is strung

tuned to sing their ancient song

“On to battle—victory!’

My heart is screaming back to me

- -

The grit of sand between my teeth,

the taste of blood on parched tongue

I can’t stop now until I’m done

I won’t stop until right has won

- -

Though all around me men will fall

I surely will not join them all

For I to win her heart am here

A heart of beauty, far yet near

- -

I fight for love and even more

a chance to stand upon the shore

the shore of one so salty sea

which stings my wounds and makes me bleed

- -

Take my blood, an offering!

That’s not what I am made of, see?

I’m more than just a mortal man

On soul and spirit I will stand

- -

To win her heart, the one I love

and make it through the endless dark

to stand amidst the salty sea

and chase and claim my destiny!

- -

Of this one thing you can be sure

I will not fail this blessed tour

For every time I lose my legs

The Spirit lifts me up again

- -

To win this war I know my call

I must stand once more than I fall

and then I’ll see him, face-to-face

that one whom questions all His grace

- -

I draw my sword and quiver not

I am playing out my part

No, I am not called to do you in

but just to stand and fight again

- -

Fight I must and fight I will

for people here and everywhere

to show them what’s inside us all

a strength of purpose and resolve

- -

So, I’ll win her heart, the one I love

and travel through the endless dark

to fight amidst the salty sea

and chase and claim my destiny!

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