Image, [CC-BY-SA-3.0-us (], via Wikimedia Commons My First Collection of Very Short Poems – - // Revealing The campfire dying Good company Revealing the stars – - // Ancient Sky Lodges glowing with warmth under an ancient sky like a winter town with no snow – - // Mapped Where is adventure when all…
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Lo-Debar ♪


Image by Tela Chhe, verse 1. I feel like a satellite lookin’ for a place to fly or lookin’ for a star to catch my eye I feel like a broken match ready to burn but hard to catch looking for my other half in life And I know that I’m made complete and…
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A Taste of Steel


Image by Martin Johnson Heade [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons – - O’ I’d give my heart and soul to find a fight worth fighting I’d weary my hands by pressing on Not onward pressing, idly – - To taste the salt amidst the sea and traverse cities never seen, to walk where ancients past…
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