You’re serious about success, and working hard every single day to hustle your way to the top, but still haven’t found it. Why?

SPOILER ALERT: You’re probably making one (or all) of these common mistakes…


1. Your Personal Brand is Weak-Sauce, Dude

Online marketers, networkers, and entrepreneurs must have a clear and compelling brand.


This isn’t hubris. Selling yourself isn’t an act of arrogance; it is a necessary requirement in the modern era, whether self-employed or not. Walk into a job interview and guess what — you have to sell yourself to the interview committee.

So, how do you find your brand?

Sit down and ask yourself, “What am I really about?” Imagine you’re a product on a shelf. What’s your appeal? What makes you different? Why should people follow you?

I struggled for years to find my personal brand, until I finally asked myself these questions.

The answers came swiftly. I’m a real person, not some phoney guru. I want to help real people make real money online.

#Boom. That was my brand, my “secret sauce.”

Cody Ray Miller — Internet Marketing for Real People.

Your brand has to be strong, clear, and uncompromising.

2. You Don’t Have a Script or “Success Plan”


book-switch-300x391No, I don’t mean a phone or sales script; I’m talking about a success script. There’s an awesome book called, “Switch,” that talks about the need for leaders to script their crucial moves — the behaviors that will take them where they eventually want to go.

Everyone needs a script.

Don’t worry about trying to plot out every stop on the way to success, just map out the critical moves that you need in order to reach the next level.

So, what does a success script look like?

Well, it depends on your goal. You do have a goals sheet, right? If not, you should stop reading right now and write your goals down, then focus on just one and create a script for achieving it.

For now, let’s say your goal is to reach a 5% conversion rate on product X. Here’s the script:

  1. Run weekly A-B test on banner ad campaign.
  2. Examine weekly conversion report for useful data points. (Why are these converting?)
  3. Update landing page every Friday before 5:00 PM.

Your script will be different, of course, but this should give you an idea of what a success script looks like. Focus on daily or weekly actions. Be specific, and focus on tasks that are clearly accomplished or left undone.

3. You Keep Jumping Around

Bruh. I’m a millennial. I know all about this, and it is a major problem for our generation.


Focus, focus, focus.

There are a lot of shiny objects on the internet, and far too often I find myself being pulled away toward them. You’re probably in the same situation.

There’s nothing wrong with changing course when necessary, or trying something new. However, you’ll want to be careful of running off to the next great thing before really understanding what’s right in front of you.

Stick with a single online venture when first starting out. Once you have a steady flow of cash from one, explore another. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

“Success breeds success.” This is one of my favorite quotes, and it is so strue. You need to find success in one place before building toward success in another.

So, stay focused and don’t get pulled away.

You may even consider setting a time-limit for your current project. A mentor of mine once told me to consider a new opportunity a “2 year experiment.” They recommended that I give it my all for 2 full years, and then decide whether to stick with it or try something else.

I did just that. For 2 years I worked as an IT Analyst at a local oil and gas company.

It was enough time for me to realize that I didn’t want to do that any longer. I learned valuable skills, enjoyed the journey, and then moved on.

Your committment does not have to be 2 years. It may be 1 year, or 6 months. It will depend on your personality, and the business or opportunity.

But whatever you do, find one thing and stay focused on it.

Otherwise, you’ll be left wandering about the internet in search of the “next great thing,” all while potentially missing what is right in front of you.

Written by Cody

Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur from Dallas, TX with a degree in Psychology from Dallas Baptist University — Cody likes to think outside the sphere. A romantic, a dreamer, a hardcore night-owl, this guy's always on the move and looking to improve!

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