A “high-ticket offer” is a relatively expensive product, while a “low-ticket offer” is the exact opposite – a relatively inexpensive product.


Google is filled with people asking which is “better” — high-ticket or low-ticket? But the reality is that you shouldn’t choose just one or the other.

Think about it. Does Walmart sell high-ticket or low-ticket products?

Well, they sell both of course! Granted, you won’t find a lot of high-end luxury items there. Still, you can spend thousands of dollars at Walmart on things like big-screen TVs.

Your online business should be the same.

The best sales funnel starts with the lowest of low-ticket items — the ethical bribe.

download-now-buttonThe ethical bribe is the freebie you give away in exchange for someone joining your email list.

After this, you should offer the user a product that costs just a few dollars. If they decide to buy, you upsell with a slightly more expensive product, and so on.

Eventually, the hope is that you will establish such rapport with your list, you could sell them just about anything — at any price.

Please, don’t misunderstand me. You’re selling things of value, things which are relevant to your customer-base — things which they want and for which they will be grateful.

This is the best strategy for short and long-term profits online.

Don’t just sell one thing — high-ticket or low-ticket offers. Provide users with a set of choices and let them spend as much as they want.

Written by Cody

Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur from Dallas, TX with a degree in Psychology from Dallas Baptist University — Cody likes to think outside the sphere. A romantic, a dreamer, a hardcore night-owl, this guy's always on the move and looking to improve!

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