So, you want to make money online, huh?


I’ve averaged $1,532.73 per month online in passive income over the course of nearly 3 years. So, what I am going to be teaching you is not useless theory.

My best month was $3,745.60! In total, I have earned more than $50,000 online.


Please don’t misunderstand. I’m no guru, but I can teach you the basics.

WARNING: If you’re looking to get rich quick, look somewhere else.

But, if you’re serious about wanting to learn a new trade, I would be honored to teach you everything I know. Plenty of mistakes followed me on my journey, but I am now among the few who can say that they make money online without lifting a finger.

That doesn’t mean I don’t work, or that you won’t have to work to create passive streams of income. Wealth without work is a joke. You might as well play the lottery. (But seriously, please don’t play the lottery. It’s the same as flushing cash down a toilet…. maybe worse.)

So, let’s get a few things straight from the beginning.

What is passive income?

make-money-onlinePassive income is money for which you do not have to actively work. Basically, you get paid every day, week, month, or year for doing little to nothing.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, let me explain.

Imagine for a moment that you owned a website, and on that website you had a digital product listed for sale. Whenever someone buys this product, you get paid. Simple.

Such websites are no fairy tale. In fact, you’re probably familiar with many of them. Amazon, for example, has a host of digital products up for sale, such as Kindle ebooks. offers video courses covering a variety of educational topics. Netflix provides digital media to more than 100 million users.

You get the idea.

Once content is posted, so long as it remains relevant, you don’t have to work in order to maintain it. It is simply available for users to purchase, download, and enjoy.

This is how passive income is being earned in the digital age.

In the coming steps, I will introduce you to the basics of setting up your own passive income machine.

For now, introduce yourself in the comments below so I can get to know you better. I am really looking forward to this journey! See you on Step 02…

Written by Cody

Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur from Dallas, TX with a degree in Psychology from Dallas Baptist University — Cody likes to think outside the sphere. A romantic, a dreamer, a hardcore night-owl, this guy's always on the move and looking to improve!

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