Direct Linking refers to sending users straight to a product offer from any form of online advertisement (banner ads, hyperlinks, etc).


If you’re new to Affiliate Marketing, you may wonder whether direct linking is a good idea. The truth is that few successful online marketers recommend it, and here’s why:

1. You Can’t Build a List

email-marketing-3012786_1920Suppose you send users straight to an offer and they buy. Hooray! You just made an affiliate commission, but…

You didn’t capture their information (name, email, etc). So, you have no way of following up with them and marketing to them in the future.

Remember what the pros say, “The money is in the list.” If you aren’t building a list, you’re leaving money on the table.

2. Site Owners Hate It

You’ll have a hard time finding reputable websites which allow direct linking via banner and text ads.

This severely limits your options when it comes to advertising, and even if you somehow manage it, you won’t often find website owners who are willing to allow the practice continually.


Why? Because website owners don’t want to be associated with solicitation. They want their users to feel safe and secure on their site. For this reason, direct offers are often prohibited.

These issues are easily avoided by directing users to a landing or “squeeze” page first.

3. Reduced Tracking

If you send users to your own website first, you can collect certain information, such as the time users spent on the page, where the traffic came from, and so on.


Although such capabilities are sometimes possible with directly linking (via  tracking id on the URL, for example), you’ll have more control over the information you collect by sending users to your personal landing page before redirecting them to the affiliate offer you are promoting.

4. You Can’t Pre-Frame the Offer

Pre-framing is an important concept in online marketing. It refers to selling users on your offer indirectly. The goal is to establish credibility and develop need or desire on the user’s end — all before asking for their money.

Ipitch-anything-2t’s a powerful technique that professional online marketers implement with great success.

Oren Klaff can teach you a lot more about this. His book, “Pitch Anything,” goes into great detail regarding the psychology of sales, and the imperative nature of pre-framing offers, along with tactics you can immediately implement for higher conversions on your offers.

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