It’s 2020. So what?

It’s a new year. So, what?

Why does everyone seem to have. A fascination (fixation?) with newness? What’s the big deal?

I suppose ‘new’ feels different. It looks different. It smells different, which makes newness somehow tangibly different, doesn’t it?

There’s no way this year will feel exactly like the last. Each day, with every nuance, creates a unique experience in our lives.

But the question remains: Why is new so good? How is new better than different?

Buy a used car and it will have a different smell than the one you have now, but it won’t have ‘new car’ smell.

That’s what we want.

Crisp and clean. New.

Here’s what I think. We all want a blank canvas upon which we can paint our mess.

We want to screw things up ourselves. Old things have been screwed up by someone else, screwed up in their own particular way, not our way.

And that’s so %$?!&@# beautiful, isn’t it?

We get to make our own messes.

Yes, this year presents a whole new set of fresh opportunities for us to screw things up.

This year, we will try. We will fail. We will succeed. We will grow and we will grow older. We will become less and more.

If there is one thing life has taught me, it is that progress is never linear. We live our lives in fits and starts.

So, here’s to a new year and to new messes.

Let’s screw this year up right.

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