The Secret to Being an Alpha Male

‘Alpha Male’ — What image does the term bring to mind for you? For many, it represents power, leadership, strength, sexual vigor, and every other kind of reward imaginable.

So, when asked if a man wants to ‘be an alpha,’ you’d think the obvious answer would be ‘yes,’ but there’s more to being an alpha male than simply soaking up rewards. In fact, the rewards are mere byproducts of the work of the alpha male, which has become a secret to many.

It isn’t a secret because someone is hiding it from us. Rather, it has become a secret because we have taken the idea of an alpha male in modern, human society and twisted it to fit popular notions of what a man is and what he is not.

In other words, we’ve blinded ourselves from the truth.

The concept of an alpha male originates with the study of primates other than humans, where there is one clear alpha within each community. This alpha performs specific tasks and serves a very particular function within the group, and yes, he also receives exclusive benefits as a result.

If you’re interested in the origins of the alpha male concept, along with fascinating insights that can be applied to your own life, check out the following TED Talk.

In looking to the rewards of the alpha male without closely and carefully examining his true work, we alienate ourselves from the secret of the alpha male, and that secret is service.

Far more than any other male within the community, the alpha comforts those who are in trouble. He ‘shakes hands and kisses’ babies, so to speak. Yes, the alpha male is a regular politician!

The alpha represents the strength of the group, and his strength is exemplified through his service. It is this service for which he is rewarded so lavishly, and we must never forget that. Seeking the rewards of the alpha before setting ourselves first to the work of an alpha puts the cart before the horse.

Alpha males protect, nurture, and soothe the other members of the community. This is their role and function.

It would be one thing to ask for an advance on your paycheck; it would be an entirely different thing to expect your employer to pay you every single week before any work was completed. In fact, it wouldn’t make any sense.

At the very least, advance pay is given on the promise of future work. It is the ‘future work’ that provides the benefits. It is the service of the alpha which is at the root of all those nice perks we think of when employing the term.

So, now you know… the secret of the alpha male is service.

If you want the status, power, prestige, and every other benefit, of the alpha male, you’d better be prepared to work for it.

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